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E-Mail me at ika4994@gmail.com

This is my website for posting things related to the games that I develop. Right now I am developing a game engine called "Sigma Engine".
There is a video of this project below.

Here is the section of my website for my current project, Sigma Engine

This is a page I have about an older project, called "Bunker Inflitration".

These are download links, so you can play the games that I have created:

Video of Sigma Engine 0.7.6:

An older project that I made was a game called "Bunker Infiltration". It plays very much like the game "Wolfenstien 3D" by id software.
You can read more about that here.


Bunker Infiltration

One night I was bored and made a clone of pong for windows. You can download the binary here: winpong.zip

I have older creations, but they are so badly programmed, that they do not work on other computers except my own, so I will not provide a
download link to them until I take the time to fix them. This is because I did not know how to properly make movement scale with framerate.
You can see a video of the most impressive looking game here: