Bunker Infiltration and Engine-3D

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This is my page about the game that I made called "bunker infiltration" and the game engine that it was made on,
which I called "Engine-3D" because it was my first "3D" game engine. Unlike my 2-D games which did not work on other
machines, this game can work on other computers. The game is a first-person shooter with gameplay similar to
wolfenstien-3D by id Software. The game has 24 levels split into three parts, with three boss-fights and four other
enemy types. The game also has four diffrent weapon types. There are three sections of the game - The first section
is 8 levels that are supposed to take place in an underground bunker. The only enemies encountered are easy hangun
enemies and shotgun enemies. The next 8 stages take place in underground caves. There are enemies that have assault
rifles, and the game becomes challenging at this point. The last 8 levels take place in miscellanious areas, such
as the outdoors, and indoor areas. In these levels some of the enemies have rocket launchers, but I feel like the
difficulty plateaus here as the game becomes more difficult, but has almost explored all of the gameplay.

I am very impressed with how my trailer came out, although people did not like my game very much, and I did not
find anyone who thought it was very fun. Here is the trailer:

And a full playthrough of the game:

About the Engine-3D game engine

The Engine-3D game engine is a tiled based engine. All the maps are stored as text files with each charecter meaning
a diffrent kind of tile. It was very easy to make this engine and development was rather fast. All the game does for
rendering is loop through the tiles and draw them in openGL, and then z-buffer everything. Horribly inneffecent but
computers now are so fast that nobody noticed... Entities are basic 2D billboard entities, they have barley any animations
and they dont move very much, so a lot of people didnt even know the enemies could move... They have real, proper AI with
path-finding just like the sigma 3D engine, but I dont think anyone noticed. The sounds are done using openAL. I made the
mistake of using uncompressed formats, so that I did not have to use any more libraries, so all the assets are stored in
.bmp, .tga, and .wav so the files can just be loaded into the game using the basic C fopen commands with no decoding
required... This is why the game is way bigger than it should be, and takes a long time to load.

A picture of my level editor showing level 1- this one was a lot easier to use than the one for sigma-3D:

Bunker Infiltration